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Thank you for all of your help and for making the process as easy as possible. I felt like I was working with a friend, which it made it so much better. - divorce client

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Amicable Settlements

A divorce or other family law dispute in Texas involves not only the total restructuring of family relationships and finances, but also a significant amount of emotional turmoil. Over her 27 years of family law practice, Camille Cooper Scroggins has come to believe that an effective attorney should strive to minimize the stress of the conflict and preserve those family relationships while also helping her clients maximize financial security. She has therefore committed herself to this goal.

Camille believes that a "good" divorce or other family conflict resolution is achieved when participants work together, in private and relaxed settings, to arrive at creative, customized and mutually beneficial agreements regarding their property, money and children. She feels it is especially important that parents consider the needs of the children and attempt to minimize the disruption to them caused by this life-altering event. She is willing to work with her clients using a variety of conflict resolution processes, depending on what will be most appropriate in their particular situation. In addition to utilizing collaborative divorce and mediation, she devotes a large part of her practice to working outside of those processes if clients prefer a more informal method of reaching an amicable settlement.

When her client would like to negotiate directly with the other party to resolve their conflict, Camille assists in these efforts. She meets individually with her client, answers his or her questions, and gains an understanding of the goals, interests and concerns. She discusses the legal issues and possible outcomes. She then prepares her client to be able to comfortably and knowledgeably discuss the issues directly with the other party so they can reach mutually acceptable solutions. If the other party hires an attorney, Camille will work directly with that attorney to negotiate an agreement. After a settlement is reached, Camille will prepare the necessary paperwork reflecting that agreement to be presented to the Court for approval.

If you are looking for lawyer to help you with an amicable divorce or other settlement, contact Camille Cooper Scroggins directly.

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