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Thank you for all of your help and for making the process as easy as possible. I felt like I was working with a friend, which it made it so much better. - divorce client

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Team Approach

One of the keys to the Collaborative Divorce Process in Texas is the Team Approach. Working alongside the clients and their respective lawyers are jointly hired, neutral professionals (called "Allied Professionals"). They provide particular expertise to both clients and help facilitate a cooperative working environment. Most commonly involved are a neutral financial professional and a neutral mental health professional. The lawyers and neutral professionals in the case comprise the Team.

The neutral financial professional gathers and organizes all of the financial data concerning the marital estate. His or her job is to make sure both clients and their lawyers have a good understanding of the all of the property and debts, to assist with developing options for dividing them, and to assure that the clients make fully-informed choices. The neutral financial professional may attend joint meetings with the clients and attorneys, and may also meet with one or both clients outside of the joint meetings, as needed.

The neutral mental health professional acts not in the role of a therapist but instead as a communications facilitator. He or she works to minimize conflict and unproductive behaviors by helping the clients control their emotions. The neutral mental health professional keeps the clients and the lawyers "on track" and forward-focused during meetings and facilitates their resolving differences and reaching agreements. If there are children involved, he or she also works with the parents outside of the joint meetings to develop a parenting plan which maximizes the strengths of each parent and promotes effective communication and improved co-parenting.

Other neutral Allied Professionals, such as a child specialist, a business or real estate appraiser, a vocational specialist, or a tax, corporate or estate-planning consultant, are occasionally added to the team, depending on the needs of the case. The benefit of involving the Allied Professionals is the efficiency of delegating team duties according to expertise to insure that the clients receive the most accurate and unbiased information before making settlement decisions.

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