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Child Support

In Texas, each parent, whether married or not, is obligated to support his or her children. This naturally includes the basics like food, clothing, shelter and medical care. But raising children involves many other things. There are expenses for extracurricular activities, child care, and transportation, just to name a few.

Parents who live together have informal systems in place for supporting their children. When they separate, they must make more formal arrangements. Many people have heard of the Texas Child Support Guidelines contained in the Texas Family Code. They provide for the payment of child support by one parent to the other according to the following percentages:

  • 20 percent of net resources for one child;

  • 25 percent of net resources for two children;

  • 30 percent of net resources for three children;

  • 35 percent of net resources for four children;

  • 40 percent of net resources for five children;

  • Not less than 40 percent for six or more children.

These guidelines are one way to handle child support. Because they are based on an arbitrary formula instead of the specific financial needs and resources of a family, they don’t make sense in every situation. Camille encourages her clients to also consider other case-specific solutions that may better insure the children’s needs are met.

Contact Camille today to discuss your options for child support.

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