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Mediation is a confidential process used to settle legal cases before they end up in a trial. The mediator is a neutral person with no connection to the case. In divorce mediation, the mediator is typically a family lawyer with mediation training who is chosen by the lawyers representing the parties in the case. The mediator helps the parties craft a mutually agreeable, binding settlement.

Unlike in a courtroom, the setting at mediation is more informal and relaxed. The parties and their lawyers normally spend a half day or a full day in an office with the mediator, though mediations can be conducted remotely. The parties usually occupy separate rooms while the mediator goes back and forth, speaking privately with each. At certain points during the mediation, the parties may come together if everyone agrees. The mediator may not make decisions, answer legal questions or give legal advice. This is important to remember if a party at mediation does not have a lawyer.

Mediation gives participants the opportunity to create personalized solutions for their family while retaining control over the outcome of their case. Camille has years of experience both as a mediator and representing her own clients in mediation. The vast majority of these mediations have resulted in a settlement. Contact Camille today if you are considering mediation to resolve your family law case.

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