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The ending of any relationship is hard. When people divorce, the stress of the legal process is added to the emotional pain caused by the break-up. There is fear and uncertainty about the outcome and the time and expense that will be required to reach it.

Camille believes it is her job to provide each client with a “good” divorce, to the extent such a thing exists. To that end, her efforts are focused on reducing fear and uncertainty, minimizing conflict, and efficiently achieving her clients’ goals. She will spend time with you to make sure she understands your concerns and answers your questions. She will guide you in choosing the appropriate course of action to accomplish your objectives. She will help you understand information and evaluate options so you can make educated decisions about the best outcome for you.

A Texas divorce is begun by filing an Original Petition for Divorce. It concludes with a Final Decree of Divorce signed by the judge that dissolves the marriage relationship and sets forth specific terms on how that will occur. Divorce decrees address issues such as:

Property Division

Child Custody and Parenting Plans

Child Support

Spousal support (alimony)

Camille strives to make the journey from the filing of the divorce to its conclusion as smooth as possible. She will always attempt to minimize conflict and encourage agreement. Contact Camille today to discuss your divorce.

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