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When parents decide to divorce, their children go from having one home to having two. Parents must determine who will see the children when, how their expenses will be paid, and how decisions about them will be made going forward. In a Texas divorce decree, these concepts fall under the term “conservatorship”, although many people refer to it as “custody”. 

A very detailed “Parenting Plan” is required in every Texas divorce decree involving minor children. It includes:


  • A “possession schedule” for each parent to have specified time with the children;

  • Rights and duties of each parent when making decisions for the children;

  • Child Support and terms concerning payment for children’s activities; and

  • Medical Support for the children.

To minimize the disruption caused by the divorce, great care is needed when formulating these new rules for how the family will operate. There is no “one size fits all” plan. Each parent has strengths and weaknesses. Camille believes those must be considered, along with work schedules and other commitments and children’s activities. 

Camille’s goal in every divorce is to end up with a parenting plan that each parent feels is workable for them and their children. This puts the family in the best position for successful co-parenting and lessens the chance they will need to modify the terms of the plan in the future. 


Contact Camille today if you need guidance about Child Custody and Parenting Plans.

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